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Compliments and complaints

We aim to provide outstanding customer service, so we welcome all feedback, both good and bad.

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Give a compliment

We’re passionate about our work and our purpose, and we hope this shows in everything we do. If you’ve received excellent service or felt that we went above and beyond, please let us know in one of the following ways.

If you'd like to give feedback on a more regular basis, why not become a Customer Advocate? Find out how you can help us review and improve our services.

Complaints resolution

We understand that complaints are a valuable form of customer feedback. Our aim is to resolve complaints quickly, and to use the data and learning from complaints to improve our services.

When you raise your complaint, you deserve only the highest standards so we make sure we meet the Housing Ombudsman Complaint Handling Code and the Regulator of Social Housing’s consumer standards as they ensure we do right by you.

Our definition of a complaint is in line with the Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code. We define a complaint as:
an expression of dissatisfaction, however made, about the standard of service, actions or lack of action by us, our colleagues, or those acting on our behalf, affecting you or a group of customers.

We’ll treat any such expression of dissatisfaction as a complaint even if you haven’t used the word ‘complaint’.

We recognise the difference between an initial request for service and complaints and will take appropriate steps to resolve the issue as quickly as possible.

Making a complaint

It would be great if you could let us know straight away when there’s a problem, so we can get back on track quickly

Learning from our mistakes

We want you to have the best experience living in your home, and we are here to support you, when you need it. Your feedback is genuinely important to us, so we will share our complaints handling performance.

You can see our monthly figures below, view our Customer Resolutions Policy here and our Customer Resolutions Procedure here.

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Housing Ombudsman

We've completed a self-assessment against the Housing Ombudsman’s new Complaint Handling Code. Our assessment shows where we comply with the code, what we're doing to improve our services and how we handle complaints. We've also updated our complaints policy in line with the new code. You can download our Complaints Self-Assessment for 2022 for more information.

Find out about the Housing Ombudsman here