Contact us

Should you need to, you can contact us using any of the following ways listed below.


MyMoat is the quickest and easiest way for you to contact us. You can also pay your rent at any time of day, report repairs and more. Just log in to your MyMoat account

Web chat

Save travel, postage and emails by using our web chat to speak to us online between 8am and 6pm. To use web chat just click here and another screen will open up, type in your details and hit the submit button to begin the conversation.

By email

customer@moat.co.uk (General enquiries) 
stanhopecustomer@moat.co.uk (Stanhope only) 
asb@moat.co.uk (Anti-social behaviour reporting only) 
tenancyfraud@moat.co.uk (Tenancy fraud reporting only)

By telephone

0300 323 0011 (General enquiries)
01233 647 396 (Stanhope office only)
0300 323 0186 (Tenancy fraud hotline)

By text

Text us on 07786 202 505

Our office locations

We have full reception services for customers at our offices in Dartford, Maldon, Pollards Hill and Stanhope. We can arrange appointments for customers at all of our offices or if you can't make it to one of our offices, we're happy to offer a home visit.


We know that we don’t always get everything right. That's why we have a comprehensive complaints process in place which is designed to ensure that we act fairly and responsibly to resolve any issues you may have with our services, but more importantly to extract key learnings for the future.

Stage one: Where a more detailed investigation is required, our Customer Service Advisors will log, acknowledge and allocate your complaint to the relevant lead officer at Moat within two working days of receiving it. You'll be advised in the acknowledgement letter who will be investigating your complaint. The lead officer will then call you within three working days from acknowledging your complaint to negotiate a timescale for responding. This will vary depending on the complexity of your complaint but will not exceed 28 calendar days (except in exceptional circumstances). We will do what we can to resolve your complaint at this stage.

Stage two: If you feel that your complaint was not adequately considered at stage one, the complaint can be referred to one of our Senior Leadership Team members from the relevant department. In order to escalate the complaint to stage two, you'll need to explain why you feel your complaint has not been adequately addressed, why you remain unhappy and what actions you are seeking to resolve it. The Senior Leadership Team representative will investigate and call you within three working days to agree a timescale for response which will not be more than 21 calendar days.

You can download a copy of our complaints policy here.