Our developments

We build and provide services to affordable homes in thriving communities through the South East.

To achieve this we build strong, lasting and vital relationships with the local authority in the areas we work in, this enables our housing management team to provide the best possible service that meets local needs.

We provide a range of shared ownership homes in Essex, Kent, London and Sussex. To begin your shared ownership journey, you will need to apply through Help to Buy via helptobuyese.org.uk and supply us with your reference number. You can also search for a Moat home using our sales site moathomes.co.uk.

Our current homes

The aim of our strategy is to grow in our key areas of Kent, Essex, Sussex and South East and South West London by building new homes and active stock acquisition. This map shows our current concentration of homes, split by homes for rent and shared ownership.

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St Clements
Our development programme

We have a new development programme focused on Kent, Essex, Sussex and South East and South West London. We have over 2500 homes in our development pipeline and deliver over 600 new homes every year. We are looking for land and s106 opportunities for rent and shared ownership across our patch. This map shows our current developments.

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Being Built 2
Our energy efficiency project

We have a long and successful history of improving energy efficiency in our homes. Using a ground-breaking Dutch energy efficiency initiative called ‘Energiesprong’, we launched a pilot project in Maldon, Essex that will greatly reduce residents' energy bills while cutting household emissions by 90%.

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Energiesprong Home