Repairs for renters

Our priority is to keep your home safe, secure and in good condition. 

We are responsible for many of the repairs to rented homes and communal areas. You will be responsible for some low-level maintenance of your home.

As well as our repairs service, we also work with Cleanscapes to clean your communal areas and with idverde to carry out ground’s maintenance to gardens, paths, and car parks. 

Reporting repairs

We offer a range of ways for customers to report repairs. 

The quickest way to report a routine repair is via MyMoat. You can log into or sign up for MyMoat using the link below. You can also report a routine repair by emailing or calling our Customer Service Centre on the details below.

Communal Repairs Contractor
Repairs appointments

Repairs appointments are available Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm. To make life easier, you can book morning (8am - 12pm) or afternoon (1pm - 5pm) appointment slots.

Once your repair has been completed you will receive a text message asking for feedback. The responses are monitored daily and if you give a low score, we will be in contact to discuss why you are unhappy with your repair.


Gas safety inspections

It is very important for the health and safety of you and your family that your gas appliances are checked regularly. We have a legal requirement to carry out a gas safety inspection in your home each year and employ a registered gas contractor to check and service your gas appliances every 12 months. As part of your tenancy agreement with us, you must let them into your home to carry out the inspection. The checks will take no longer than an hour and will ensure that all your appliances are safe to use. You can check when your gas inspections are due by logging into your MyMoat account.

If you have gas heating, we will have provided you with a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide may be present if the gas flame burns orange or yellow instead of the normal blue. If this occurs, you should switch off your appliance immediately and contact us on 0300 323 0011.

Planned works

Planned works are typically carried out to certain rooms or aspects of your home at pre-determined intervals. These works are usually carried out as follows:

Our Clerks of Works carry out regular home improvement surveys to determine whether these works need to be carried out at different intervals. Electrical re-wiring and fuse board upgrades are completed based on recommendations from regular inspections which occur every five years. You can see when works are due by logging into your MyMoat account.

Damp and mould

No one wants to live in a damp home. Visit our damp and mould page for information on identifying and reporting damp and mould issues in your home.