Adapting and improving your home

Home improvements and disability adaptions for customers who rent.

Home improvements

We will allow you to make improvements to your home, as long as you provide us with details of the improvements you would like to make, as well as information on who is carrying out the work. We will need to be confident that the works will not affect the structure of your home. Any relevant certificates need to be submitted to us following the works. If permission is granted for home improvements, it is your responsibility to investigate whether planning permission or building control is required. You will also be responsible for arranging these if needed.

Disability adaptions

If you rent your home and require an adaptation for it to be suitable to your specific needs, you must speak with your GP in the first instance. Your GP may refer you to an occupational therapist who will assess your needs and contact us with their recommendations. We can only agree to adaptations that have been recommended to us by a medical professional. If the adaptations are approved and cost under £1,000, it is likely that we will contribute the amount in full on behalf of your local authority. If the works required to your home cost more than £1,000, our contribution will be assessed on a case by case basis. You will need to have secured a Disabled Facilities Grant (DFG) which your occupational therapist will be able to advise on.