Your service charges

You may pay service charges in addition to your rent to maintain communal areas of your building and estate.

Service charges explained

Our video explains what a service charge is, who pays them, and the three types of service charges you’ll find at Moat. 

You’ll find even more details in our ‘Service Charges Explained’ booklet. 

Download the booklet here
How we calculate your charges

As a Moat customer, you’ll pay one of three types of service charges: a variable service charge, a fixed service charge or an actual service charge. You’ll find information on which type you pay in your lease or tenancy agreement. 

The way we calculate your charges depends on the type of service charge you pay.

Calculating Service Charges
Variable services charges

Variable service charges are based on the actual cost of service you receive. We estimate these charges in February then confirm in September how much was actually spent. 

Fixed service charges

These are set at the beginning of a financial year, and no extra costs or refunds will be charged during the year. Each year, our team calculates the cost of maintaining a particular neighbourhood and sets the service charge for that area. Every February, we’ll let you know of your service charge costs for the year.

Actual service charges

These apply to a very small number of our homeowners (1%) and are used when there is an agreement which does not allow us to charge estimated costs. If you fall into this group of people, you’ll receive a service charge statement within six months of the end of the financial year (31 March) which shows the actual cost of the services provided. We’ll charge you for these services in line with the agreement.

If you have a managing agent

You may live in a building with a managing agent who carries out some or all communal maintenance services on behalf of the freeholder of the building. 

The managing agent will send us their year-end accounts and we will pass these costs on to you via your service charges. We currently charge a 5% management fee for dealing with the managing agent on your behalf and completing all related service charge administration. 

Managing Agents Service Charges

How we monitor the services you pay for

We conduct estate inspections of the buildings and estates we manage, and these are carried out monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly. During these inspections, we review the cleanliness and condition of your communal areas to make sure you're receiving the services you should.

If we provide services to the building you live in or the areas surrounding your home, we’ll also gather your feedback in a number of ways to make sure you’re satisfied with the services you pay for:

We use your feedback to identify and address areas for improvement, working closely with our suppliers. 

If your building is run by a managing agent, we take your queries or concerns forward with the managing agent to make sure they are addressed.

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