Tenancy changes

There may be occasions where you'll need to advise us of changes in your circumstances in accordance with your tenancy or lease.

These changes include:

When you want to make changes to your tenancy or records, we'll tell you if the changes have any impact on your rights before we adjust it for you. To make sure you're protected, we always recommend you get legal advice too. 

If we have any concerns about you, in that you might be asking for a tenancy change through someone applying inappropriate pressure on you, we will work with you. In such serious situations we will have to stop going ahead with the request.

Please see our Tenancy Management Policy for more information and to find out how we update your records when you get in touch and tell us about any changes to your situation or circumstances. 

Keep us updated

Please us know any change in your circumstances so we can update your tenancy or records accordingly.

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