Combatting domestic abuse


To get a better understanding of domestic abuse and the impact it can have, download the PDF below to see some figures based on the cases that have been reported.

How to cover your tracks

If you are suffering from domestic abuse, it’s important that you know how to seek help without alerting your abuser. Click the button below to download a document which will explain the best ways of covering your digital tracks.

How Moat can help

We believe that everyone has the right to feel safe at home. That’s why combatting domestic abuse is so high on our agenda here at Moat. By using the buttons below, you can download some key documents which will show exactly how we can help you if you feel threatened, controlled or intimidated by a partner, relative or friend.

Useful contacts

Click the button below to download a list of key contacts which may be able to offer help, support and advice to you if you’re subjected to domestic violence.