Shaping Moat's Policies: Lending my voice as a Customer Advocate

After being a customer for just three months, Matthew has already played an instrumental role in shaping key Moat policies on topics ranging from hate crime to repairs in his role as a Customer Advocate. 

After purchasing his first home on a shared ownership basis in Summer 2021, Matthew discovered the Customer Advocate programme while browsing the Moat website. He saw the programme as a chance to join 127 other Moat customers in reviewing and improving Moat’s services, polices and processes. 

Matthew describes the Moat Advocates as being “like a democracy”, where everyone gets to have their say: “It’s nice to know that a group of customers are putting forward their thoughts on what they think is best and what they want to see. It’s great to be a part of that”.

Despite being a Customer Advocate for only three months, Matthew has been involved in several important projects. A standout project for Matthew was the review of policies such as diversity and inclusion, hate crime, and anti-social behaviour policies. By drawing on his own experiences, Matthew was able to voice what he, as a member of the community, wanted to see in his neighbourhood. “I’m really happy that Moat are taking hate crime, diversity and inclusion so seriously and have made a commitment to their customers. Being aware of these policies makes me feel safer in my own community and it was great to be involved in the process.”  

One of Matthew’s favourite things about the programme is its flexibility, and how he can fit it around his busy schedule. “You can commit as much time as you want to and there is no expectation to do lots. So, if you don’t have time, no worries, and if you do, it’s great to get involved!”

We’re always looking to expand our group of Customer Advocates, seeking out customers who want to help Moat to be the very best we can be. If you think you that could be you, email feedback@moat.co.uk or visit our website for more information.