New communal gas and electricity contract

Updated Bundle for paper determination as of 9 August 2022

We will be entering into a new contract (a Qualifying Long-Term Agreement) for communal gas and electricity supply to all Moat-owned properties. This contract will cover energy supply to communal indoor and outdoor areas, including estate lighting where applicable, but will not include your individual energy supply. 

We have written to all customers who contribute to communal, estate or utility charges explaining that to act quickly and secure the best possible prices, we would be making an application to bypass our usual Section 20 consultation. Our application for Dispensation to the First-Tier Tribunal has been submitted and Court Directions have been issued.

What happens next?

We are now legally obliged to make the Court documents of our application for Dispensation, along with the supporting documents and a copy of the Court Directions available to our customers. These documents can be found below:

Application Directions and Background
Application for Dispensation
Moat from HM Courts and Tribunal Service
Exhibit of Leases (Redacted)
Leaseholder Response Form
Update letter to customers July 2022
Signed Witness Statement

If you would like a hard copy of the above documents, please contact section20@moat.co.uk by 24 July 2022 and we will be happy to post them to you.

As we progress with our application, we will be posting additional documents here along with the Tribunal's final decision, which is likely to be uploaded on or after 29 July 2022.

How to raise any objections

Customers affected by this process can raise any objections to our application by:

The deadline for objections is 29 July 2022.

For more information

We'd be happy to provide more information if you have any questions about our Application for Dispensation. Please contact me by emailing section20@moat.co.uk or calling 0300 323 0422.