National Apprenticeship Week 2022

It’s National Apprenticeship Week 2022, and to celebrate we have been taking a closer look at what it means to be an apprentice at Moat and the paths that led our apprentices to us.

We sat down and chatted with two of our newest apprentices who joined us in January, Selina and Sean.

Meet Selina!

Selina was seeking out an opportunity to change career paths, so applied to our apprenticeship scheme to become our Housing Apprentice. As a Housing Apprentice, Selina will learn all about managing tenancies and working with our customers to ensure they’re happy in their homes, whilst completing a housing qualification along the way. We asked her about how she came to apply for an apprenticeship, what she was doing before undertaking her apprenticeship and how she’s getting on in her new role.

What was your job before your joined Moat as an apprentice?
I used to work in the Education department in a hospital for the NHS – so moving to the housing industry has been quite different! What made you apply for an apprenticeship? I have previously undertaken an apprenticeship in the NHS, so I knew what it would entail, and understood the process. I knew that changing career paths wasn’t going to be easy and I thought an apprenticeship would be a great gateway and opportunity to get into housing. It’s definitely a great way to learn all about the industry.

What are you enjoying about your role?
I’m enjoying learning the ins and outs of the Housing apprentice role. I am also enjoying the new agile way of working. I worked throughout the pandemic in the hospital every day, so it’s taking some getting used to.

What does the future hold?
My ambition is to become a Housing Officer and a make a real difference to the community. But I know that my apprenticeship could open my eyes to new possibilities and areas that I could be interested in pursuing – so it’s very exciting.


Meet Sean!

Before joining Moat as our first ever Surveying Apprentice, Sean had two previous jobs, but really wanted to learn more about construction and housing. As a Surveying Apprentice, Sean will go out to our properties and carry out inspections, review reports from consultants and estimate costs, all whilst ensuring our customers receive the very best service. Alongside his on-the-job learning, Sean will undertake a level three Surveying Technician qualification.

Let’s find out how Sean is doing after his first month on the job…

What made you apply for an apprenticeship?
I had no previous experience in surveying so I thought an apprenticeship would be a great opportunity to get into the industry and learn lots. I chose Moat because I wanted to find a role and a company where I could learn and progress.

Why did you choose surveying?
I have always had an interest in construction, so surveying felt like a great opportunity for me.

What are you enjoying about your role?
I really like that my work pattern combines a bit of office work whilst also getting the opportunity to get out and about on site, so it’s a great mix of everything.

What does the future hold?
My ambition is to eventually become chartered, so I’m really looking forward to the opportunities that my apprenticeship will bring.

Our apprenticeship programme offers excellent opportunities, learning and experience to individuals of all ages and abilities to help them create a fulfilling and successful career. We are incredibly proud of the success of our apprentices, and we are excited to continue building our future workforce.

To find out more information about our apprenticeship programme head over to our dedicated apprenticeship page.