Customer update on our repairs service

Routine repairs
We are experiencing disruptions to our routine repairs service. We currently have a wait time of up to four weeks on some non-emergency repairs due to the nationwide shortage of building supplies and workforce shortages.

Fence repairs
We have particularly high number of outstanding fence repairs. This backlog is mostly due to the unusually high number of repairs reported in February this year, following three consecutive storms. Completing these fence repairs has been made difficult by a nationwide materials shortage. 

We have called all customers who have an outstanding fence repair that was reported during this time to apologise for the inconvenience they have experienced and for our repairs service falling short. We have provided those customers with an explanation of measures we have put in place to speed up repairs, the process on appointments, and timescales.

We are working through the backlog as quickly as possible and Morgan Sindall Property Services (MSPS) has hired more operatives, extended working hours, and hired additional subcontractors to work through the existing repairs. We have also investigated additional suppliers to provide materials so we can overcome the supply issues.

Customers who have had an initial visit from MSPS to assess the fence work required, we are we are working to get an appointment booked in with them to complete the works as soon as possible.

Customers who have not yet had an appointment will have a supervisor visit booked, starting next week 8 August 2022, to survey the work required and materials needed to complete the works. During the supervisor visit, we will where possible, book in the second appointment to complete the works, which we aim to do on a first-time fix.

Thank you 
We are sorry for delays to our repairs service and for the inconvenience this causes. Thank you for patience as we work to over overcome these issues.