Updating your Universal Credit journal: Submit your new rent and services charges to get what you’re entitled to

If you receive Universal Credit, it’s important to update your journal with your new rent and service charges so you receive the right amount to cover your new costs.

After 4 April, a task will appear on your Universal Credit journal asking you to declare your new rent and service charges. You should complete this task as soon as possible using the information that was recently given to you in your annual rent increase letter. Any late submissions won’t result in a back payment, so don't delay!

You can update your journal online in a few quick and simple steps - all you need to do is click here to log in, then type in the new figures and submit. It only takes a couple of minutes and will ensure that you get paid enough each month to cover your new rent and service charges. Once you’ve completed the task, you should start to see your payments increase.

If you need assistance getting online, please visit your local job centre for further advice and guidance. If you have any queries, your job coach will be able to help.

Don’t hold off, you could miss out on the payments you’re entitled to!