Furlough is ending soon

The government’s furlough scheme is coming to an end on 30 September. This was initially set up to help businesses who couldn’t afford to pay their staff, and saw the government pay 80% of the wages of people who couldn't work, up to £2,500 a month.

This contribution has been lowered over recent months and will now be scrapped completely.  While businesses get back on their feet after the pandemic and decide whether it’s feasible to remain operating with their full team, this may cause a rise in unemployment. If you think you may be facing redundancy, it’s important to apply for the relevant financial support as soon as possible, as it can take weeks to be approved.

Our Financial Wellbeing Team are on hand for support, from ensuring you to get the benefits you’re entitled to, to helping you budget. Click here for more information and the answers to some frequently asked questions. You can get in touch with the team directly at FinancialWellbeingTeam@moat.co.uk.