Our next Repairs and Maintenance partner

Our current repairs and maintenance contract with Mears will end on 4 April 2022. We have evaluated all bids for the next contract and we intend to award the contract to Morgan Sindall Property Services. The contract will cover all responsive repairs, void works and the operation of our out-of-hours call centre.

We are required to complete some legal processes before we can confirm the award, including consultation with our leasehold customers through the Section 20 process.

Following the consultation process, we intend to start working closely with Morgan Sindall Property Services Limited in January 2022 to make sure everything is ready for the new contract to start on 4 April 2022.

Initially, the contract is for delivery of repairs and maintenance services to our properties, works to empty properties and the operation of our out-of-hours call centre. The contract also includes repairs to internal and external communal areas of the homes we manage. There are also options which will give us the flexibility to add further services to this contract in the future.

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