Our next Repairs and Maintenance contract

Our ten-year repairs and maintenance contract with Mears will come to an end in 2022. We have started the process of finding our next partner who will maintain and repair over 20,000 homes we manage. 

We are legally obliged to consult with customers if we are planning to enter into a contract which lasts longer than 12 months. You will have received the first of two Section 20 notices we will be sending to you. This letter informs our customers that we are going out to tender for our Property Repairs and Maintenance contract.

There are several steps we are required to follow during this procurement process. Here’s the timeline we’re working to and the notices you can expect to receive:

  1. Section 20 Notice of Intention sent to all leaseholders: 19 March 2021
  2. Deadline for replies with comments (observations): 23 April 2021 
  3. Pre-tender selection stage
  4. Section 20 Notice of Proposal sent to all leaseholders
  5. Final tender stage
  6. New supplier’s contract begins
Frequently Asked Questions

Our Frequently Asked Questions provide more detailed information on the procurement and Section 20 processes: