Moat Foundation invests £40k funding into laptops for school pupils

Pollards Hill Community Committee (PHCC), which is facilitated by Moat Foundation, has awarded a £40,000 community grant to purchase 150 much-needed Chromebooks to tackle the digital divide amongst families. These laptops support Google classrooms and will be loaned to local school children unable to access online learning and extracurricular activities.

Moat Foundation, Moat’s community arm, is currently liaising with schools to identify families most in need and will be working closely with Merton Council to make the purchase and roll out the programme this summer. We’re so proud to have this PHCC and Moat Foundation led initiative in place to help local schools support the education and wellbeing of young people in Pollards Hill. The laptops will be a vital learning tool and an important digital resource for the schools moving forward.

Councillor Martin Whelton (PHCC Chair) welcomed the funding and the benefits it would bring for local families: “Over the last year, many children in Pollards Hill have faced problems accessing learning due to limited access to laptops and computers, but also in many cases having to share them with other members of their families. It is crucial that as a committee we do all we can to support families to ensure that children don't face barriers to learning and can access education.”

Mumtaz Samad, Head of Moat Foundation, said: “We are proud to work in partnership with the PHCC to support local schools to support the education and wellbeing of young people. We are also working with London Borough of Merton’s public health team to offer access to a host of family-based health and well-being activities online - we hope that through the donation of the 150 laptops, many families will be able to join these sessions.”