Community news

First sessions held at community hubs

Moat Foundation has successfully run their first sessions from our community hubs since the lockdown began.

In order to make sure that all health and safety requirements were met, the Facilities Team carried out a risk assessment before any hub activities took place. With assessments complete, we were able to run our popular Fit & Fed sessions. To limit numbers to a safe level, all children participating had to sign up in advance and a set number of places were available on a first come, first served basis. 

The Fit & Fed programme is a well-loved holiday activity within our hubs. It gives local children the chance to stay active through sporting activities such as boxing, football and cricket. Just as importantly, the sessions include a free, healthy lunch and refreshments to prevent holiday hunger.

Working with our hub partners, Strengthening Minds, as well as the programme coordinators Olympia Boxing, we welcomed 115 children to our Gillingham, Sittingbourne, Stanhope and Gravesend hubs. 

Alongside Fit & Fed, we also reintroduced a handful of coffee mornings. These had previously been running virtually, but with social distancing in place and an outdoor set-up, this group was able to come together to provide much-needed contact and tackle social isolation.