Community connections for Mo and Bob

Mo and Bob are members of the Friendly Faces of Kent group which runs from our Sittingbourne Community Hub and aims to overcome social isolation.

Mo is a full-time retired carer for Bob who suffers from three types of dementia. Mo herself has had cancer and a stroke and has severe arthritis and has found that “I struggle to look after myself, so looking after Bob can be difficult at times”.

Mo and Bob were becoming more isolated as going out was becoming more difficult and friends had stopped popping in. They spotted Friendly Faces of Kent on social media and first joined one of our Walk and Talk group outings. With transport from their door, a stroll and lunch, Mo and Bob were able to meet new people and enjoy a different environment. Since then, they have joined outings and events, participated in the book and brunch club and joined our support group at the Moat Community Hub in Sittingbourne. 

Mo said: “I have that interaction with others over a lovely cuppa and Bob gets to chat with other members, giving me a break from the repetitiveness of someone suffering from dementia. Don’t get me wrong I love him - we have been married for 65 years so I must do - but I do need this break.”

Bob agreed wholeheartedly, adding: ‘It’s great here! This gives Mo the break she needs and gets us both out. Otherwise, we just sit indoors - it can get very lonely being old. What you’re doing right here is wonderful.”