A personal development trip to Tanzania

As part of our personal development programme, seven Moatees visited the remote rural village of Choba, Tanzania to offer support to local charity Children of Choba.

Moat has had a longstanding relationship with Children of Choba, a charity which provides educational support in an extremely poor part of Tanzania.

The trip to Choba offered an excellent opportunity for our Moatees to push themselves outside of their comfort zones, make a positive difference to the community of Choba and work as part of a remarkable team.

Chris, one of the participants, said: “I wanted to try and make a difference in the lives of people less fortunate that us. I later realised that while I would be out there, these experiences would be changing me as a person - changes that will hopefully stay with me for the rest of my life.” 

Over the course of ten days, our self-proclaimed ‘Chobites’ attended the graduation of former Children of Choba students, spent time in the local school and worked with local residents to build the foundations of a new assembly hall at Choba Primary School. The building work was a challenging feat made difficult by waterlogged conditions following days of rain, but one that jumpstarted the construction of an important resource for the village children.

Members of Moat in Choba, Tanzania 

The trip also offered the chance to spend time with the villagers and learn more about their lives, and our ‘Chobites’ were blown away by the welcome they received and the warmth of the people.

“I thought it would very poor, which it was, but I really didn’t expect the happiness of the people when they have so little. I have never been greeted with so many warm welcomes and to this day, it still makes me smile,” said Kelly.

The experience proved successful in opening our Moatees’ minds to new cultures and ways of living. They have decided to sponsor a local school child through secondary school in the hope that further education will open new doors. Most importantly, all six Moatees were challenged to view happiness and positivity in a new light and learned that “you have to accept and adjust to your surroundings and still make the best of everything regardless of all adversity. Happiness is always a choice.”