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Below you will find information and advice on emergency repairs, fire safety, gas safety and more.

Anti-social behaviour (ASB)

We want our communities to continue to be great places to live and to resolve issues the neighbourly way.

Action needs to be taken when anti-social behaviour causes or is likely to cause harassment, alarm, or distress to others which is why, when a customer reports ASB, we make sure we understand the impact of each incident and we treat everyone fairly.  We manage ASB in accordance with your lease or tenancy agreement. For more information, please read our ASB policy.

Any victim of anti-social behaviour can request a ‘Community Trigger’ if they have made three or more reports within a six-month period but feel they have not had a satisfactory response. The community trigger is a way for victims of persistent ASB to ask relevant organisations to review the case. You’ll find details on how to make a request on your local authority’s website. If you’re unsure who your local authority is, you can find out here: gov.uk/find-local-council

Fire safety advice

We have robust procedures in place and regularly review the fire safety of our buildings to safeguard our customers and our properties to ensure we are fully compliant with the law. 

We work under the expert guidance of an independent Fire Safety Consultant on all fire safety management matters; this ensures we remain compliant with the relevant fire safety legislation namely the Regulatory Reform Fire Safety Order (or RRO). Fire safety is everyone’s responsibility. Along with our own procedures, we need our customers to play their part too in keeping themselves, their homes and their buildings safe. If you have concerns or need advice regarding fire safety within your property, please email fire.management@moat.co.uk.

Gas safety

Health and safety checks

Routine health and safety checks are carried out on communal lifts, fire alarms, emergency lighting, automatic smoke vents and communal door entry systems by specialist contractors. These contractors also report any other health and safety concerns they have around communal areas; any maintenance required to shared spaces; concerns around resident behaviour and any fire hazards. If you have an allocated managing agent or managing company, they will be responsible for many of these tasks. This is reflected in your service charge payments. 

If you need to raise any health and safety issues which cannot be resolved by your Neighbourhood Services Manager, please email healthandsafetyadvice@moat.co.uk.

Emergency repairs

Emergency health and safety repairs within communal areas will be attended to within 24 hours or sooner. In most cases, the contractor will only make safe and a further visit will be required to carry out a full repair. If you or your visitor causes damage to your home or communal area, please ensure you repair damage immediately. If we repair the damage caused by you or a visitor, you will be recharged accordingly. 

If you are a renter and want more information on repairs click here

If you are a shared owner and want more information on repairs click here

Communal repairs

Although we conduct regular inspections of internal and external communal areas, we still rely on you to let us know if you spot any issues so please let us know via MyMoat or by calling 0300 323 0011.

We will treat any pest control issues in the communal areas of your building, so please contact us to report these. If you rent a home from us and have pest control issues within your home, please get in touch and we’ll work with you to find a solution. If you are a shared owner or leaseholder, in most cases, you will be responsible for managing pests within your home. In the first instance, please contact us and we can let you know whether you are responsible or not.

If you are a renter and want more information on repairs click here

If you are a shared owner and want more information on repairs click here


Asbestos is a naturally occurring mineral that has been used in many building materials. The vast majority of materials pose only a very low risk and asbestos will only pose a risk if the higher risk materials are damaged or deteriorating. All newly tenanted properties are routinely inspected for the presence of asbestos containing materials as part of our commitment for better and safer homes. Any asbestos that is identified as posing a risk is removed before the property is handed to new customers. Any remaining asbestos containing materials are very low risk and perfectly safe to remain in a property if managed correctly. These materials include floor tiles, textured coating (artex), asbestos cement sheets/water tanks, toilet cisterns and sink pads. You should avoid cutting, drilling, sanding or using abrasive tools on any of these items. If you have any concerns regarding asbestos, please contact the Asset Management Team on 0300 323 0011.

Abandoned vehicles

We have very strict rules regarding abandoned vehicles. Any untaxed vehicle that appears to have been abandoned in our neighbourhoods will be issued with a notice giving 14 days for the owner to remove it. After this time we may remove the vehicle and the owner will be liable to pay the cost of removal. You can report an abandoned vehicle to us via MyMoat.

Defects repairs

Defect repairs that occur in new build homes are usually covered by a one year defects period. This begins as soon as the build process is complete, not when you take possession. Defects can occur due to poor materials, design, workmanship or electrical and plumbing faults. However we work closely with developer partners to avoid this as much as possible. Defects do not cover accidental damage, vandalism, minor shrinkage or cracking. To report a defect, please log into MyMoat

Not a Moat customer? If you want to report an issue with a Moat property or tenant, please contact us.