Financial wellbeing

Below you will find further information about Housing Benefit, Universal Credit and other useful organisations that might be useful.

Housing Benefit

All of our tenancy agreements and leases require your account to be paid in advance. Advance payments will depend on your frequency of payment - if you pay weekly then you must be a week in advance or if you pay monthly then you must be a month in advance. Some of our customers will have their rent paid by claiming Housing Benefit, which is paid up to four weeks in arrears. In a majority of cases your housing benefit is paid directly to us although in some cases it is paid directly to you.  

Finding funds to keep your account in credit may be difficult, and so we encourage you to begin making additional contribution at a minimum of £5 per week to gradually bring your account into credit.

You can set up a direct debit for this payment through MyMoat or contact the Customer Accounts Team who would be happy to discuss all available options.

Universal Credit

The Government has made some significant changes to the benefits system over the last few years, as part of welfare reform. Universal Credit replaces six different benefits, combining them into one, single monthly payment. Those benefits are:

Customers in receipt of these benefits will be moved to Universal Credit eventually. It will be paid monthly in arrears to the customer from the start of the claim, usually into your bank, building society or credit union account. If the payment includes an amount for housing, you’ll need to arrange for your rent to be paid to us. For more detailed information about Universal Credit, download this PDF on the government website.

We have a team of experienced staff ready to help and give guidance if you are affected by Universal Credit or simply want some more information. You can email financialwellbeing@moat.co.uk or give us a call. Watch this video on how to make a claim for Universal Credit. 

Further advice

There are other organisations that can help you, and we've included some links below to some expert websites that you can contact to discuss your benefits or general financial wellbeing:

Credit unions are a great way for people to save and borrow money safely. These are particularly helpful for those who have struggled to obtain bank accounts. To find your nearest credit union, visit findyourcreditunion.co.uk now.