Customer satisfaction

How you've rated our services and what we've done in response

New measures to improve your housing experience

Every year we carry out customer surveys to understand how you feel about our services. In April 2023, we changed the questions we ask and how we ask them. We’ve made these changes due to new requirements from the Regulator of Social Housing.

The Regulator has introduced new Tenant Satisfaction Measures (TSMs) to assess how well social landlords are providing quality homes and services. It’s great news for our customers because it means you can see exactly how we’re performing and what we’re doing to improve areas of dissatisfaction. 

How it will work

Like all housing associations, we’ll report on 22 performance measures across five key areas:

  1. Keeping properties in good repair
  2. Maintaining building safety
  3. Effective handling of complaints
  4. Respectful and helpful engagement
  5. Responsible neighbourhood management

We'll carry out customer satisfaction surveys which will tell us how satisfied you are with our services in these key areas. We’ll submit these scores to the Regulator annually along with management information about areas of our service like repairs, complaints, and safety.

Providing your feedback

To collect feedback impartially, we’re working with a company called TLF Research who survey our customers monthly and will speak to 2,400 customers over the year. These customers are randomly selected regardless of whether they rent, own part of their home, or live in our over 55s schemes. 

90% of our surveys are online and 10% are done over the phone - we've chosen this method because we find customers are more comfortable giving honest feedback online. 

If you’re contacted by TLF Research, we encourage you to respond and give honest feedback on your customer experience. We welcome this opportunity to learn, improve and provide the best service possible. If you've had great service from a member of the Moat team, please let us know, too - we'd love to share this feedback with them.

In the future, the Regulator will also be conducting independent surveys with a randomly selected group of social housing customers. If contacted, please respond - the Regulator's surveys are another opportunity for your voice to be heard and for us to identify areas for improvement.

Using your feedback

We're continuously analysing what you tell us to see what's working well and where we can do better. We'll share our findings every year, along with the steps we’ve taken to deliver a better customer experience. The Regulator also uses your insight to highlight improvements needed across the housing sector.

What you told us about our services

Every year, we'll publish our TSM scores so you have regular and clear sight of our performance. We'll publish the first set of scores in Spring 2024, but the surveys we've done so far already show us three clear themes:

Overall, 53% of you are satisfied with our services. That means some of you feel we're doing well but that there's still lots of progress and improvement to be made. We’re truly sorry if you've been unhappy with any of our services. Our goal is always to provide good quality, safe homes and places.

Please keep sharing your thoughts so we can better serve you, provide a great customer experience, and most importantly, a home and community you feel proud to live in.

What you said

Providing you with a well-maintained, safe home is by far the most important thing to you. Many of you find our repair operatives polite, friendly and helpful and say the service is professional. While some of you are happy with how promptly your repair is carried out, even more of you said you’re dissatisfied with how long you had to wait. It was clear from your feedback that the main reasons you’re unhappy are slow repairs, poor upkeep of your home, or poor cleaning of communal areas.

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What we've done

What you said

When you contact our customer service centre, you feel our staff are polite and helpful. When they are unable to help, you've said we can be slow to resolve your issues which makes you feel we don't take your problems seriously. You’d also like more timely responses and updates from our teams.

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What we’ve done

What you said

You said feeling safe in your home is important. You feel some communal repairs aren't prioritised and this raises safety worries. Some of you also said communication could be better, and you sometimes feel we don't take your safety concerns as seriously as you do. You’d also like us to take more responsibility when you report anti-social behaviour (ASB) and provide more support and regular updates.

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What we’ve done