Residents' handbook


The handbook has been created in a Portable Data Format (PDF). If you are unable to view this PDF, you will just need to download the latest Adobe software. This is a free download and should take very little space on your hard drive. It will allow you to view PDFs across all sites on the web. 

You will be able to save the file or print it once it is open. If you, or a relative or friend, has specific accessibility requirements, please contact us to see if we can produce the handbook in a format more suitable to your needs.

Useful tips

We know that not everyone is a computer whiz. That is why we have pulled out several useful tips for using the new residents’ handbook. For those of you who are fairly new to the digital world, these tips will make navigating the handbook very easy.

  • Use the Binoculars icon on the left hand toolbar to search for keywords. The words searched for will be highlighted within the document and a list of links to other occurrences will appear on the left too. Clicking one of the links will allow you to skip straight to that appearance of your keyword.
  • By using the Bookmark icon, you can click on headings or subheadings to skip straight to the section you require.
  • The Pages icon gives you a thumbnail view of each page, allowing you to jump to one which you recognise.
  • Clicking any web addresses which appear within the text will allow you to visit that web page instantly.
If you have any comments about this document or have any ideas to add when it is updated, please email these to, or call our Customer Engagement team on 0845 359 6449.