Equity loan customers

Guide to repaying your equity loan

As a customer with an equity loan, you can repay your loan when you sell your home or re-mortgage.

Making home improvements

As a customer with an equity loan, you will need to obtain our permission before you carry out any home improvements. If you register your completed improvements with us the added value they bring to your property will be taken into account when you repay your loan to us.

Remortgaging/additional borrowing

If your mortgage rate is coming to an end you may wish to contact your mortgage advisor/lender to arrange a new deal. If you are changing lender or borrowing further money, the mortgage lender will need the consent of Moat to postpone the second charge on your property.

Transferring your equity loan charge into sole/joint names

If your circumstances change you may wish to remove or add someone to your equity loan charge.

Guide to moving your equity loan to another property (portability)

Equity loan portability is an initiative for customers who obtained a key worker equity loan, to move their existing key worker loan to a new property on the open market. This is dependent on the scheme that you purchased your property under.


Due to the conditions of your equity charge, we are unable to consider requests for permission to sub-let your property. Please consider other options such as repaying (redeeming) your equity loan, or selling the property. We regret that if you have an equity loan, sub-letting is not an option.

Home ownership administration fees

Please click the link below to view our current administration fees.