Our Complaints Process

Quick resolution

In many cases, your complaint can be quickly resolved by raising any issues through our Customer Service Centre or the department responsible for the service. Any informal complaints received in this way will be resolved within two working days.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, your complaint will be escalated to stage one of our formal procedure.

Formal complaints

We follow a two stage procedure for all formal complaints:

Stage one

  1. Where a more detailed investigation is required, our Customer Service Advisors will log and acknowledge your complaint and allocate it to a lead officer at Moat within two working days of receiving it.
  2. You will receive an acknowledgement letter with the name of the person investigating your complaint.
  3. The lead officer will call you within three working days from acknowledging your complaint to agree a timescale for responding. This will vary depending on the complexity of your complaint but will not exceed 28 calendar days (except in exceptional circumstances).

We will do everything we can to resolve your complaint at this stage but if you are dissatisfied with the outcome, you can escalate your case to stage two of the complaints process. To do this, you must explain which part of your original complaint has not been adequately addressed, why you are still dissatisfied and what actions you are seeking to resolve your complaint.

Stage two

A review is carried out by a senior manager who will assess whether the original complaint has been fairly and thoroughly investigated and consider the reason you are still dissatisfied. The senior manager will contact you within three working days from the date your complaint is referred. We aim to complete stage two reviews within 21 working days unless there are exceptional circumstances, we are relying on third party information and/or a later date is agreed with you.

If you are unhappy with the final decision, you can refer your case to a designated person or the Housing Ombudsman. You can find more information on this in our complaints policy.