Empty accommodation

Housing demand is outstripping supply - Moat is dedicated to providing homes and it is well known that there is a shortage of affordable homes available to those that need them.

Empty homes can be damaging to the community, they rapidly attract vandals, they can be a focus for anti-social behaviour and can affect neighbouring properties by causing dampness and other problems.

If there is a Moat home near you that has been empty for a long time, please let us know about it. We can then investigate and in certain circumstances we can take action.

How to report an empty home:

The only information we need is the address of the empty property. You can contact us by email customer@moat.co.uk, telephone 0300 323 0011 or write to the Voids & Lettings Team, Mariner House, Galleon Boulevard, Dartford, Kent DA2 6QE